Your Full Service Packaging Resource & Independent

Being an independent Packaging Consultant, Pak Pack has a responsibility to each of its clients to provide packaging solutions which work for their business – that’s the priority.

The right packaging is a function to several aspects such as safety, reliability, packaging process, the desired sterilization method, hygiene and shelf life.


Conformity + Cost Efficiency + Performance are the equation for a sustainable business.


It’s critical that your products are packed with materials that fulfil the norms & standards, which give the customers all the needed security and performance and also competitive advantage on the cost efficiency: productivity, quality, price…


Pak Pack is the service packaging resource that can help you to make the good decision. Pak Pack prides itself on servicing companies from concept to full production runs.

We’re big believers in adopting new ideas to optimize existing solutions, and open up new development for all.

We can offer you our know-how, specific skills and expertise in technical consultancy to lend you support for your projects concerning the packaging.