hm 950 DC-V/VI NanoPak

The new heat sealer surpasses all its predecessors, offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability, reflecting the spirit of industry 4.0.

The design of the NanoPak is based on the award-winning design of Hawo’s Generation Easy series. We have designed the devices of this product generation to meet the high standards, in terms of professionalism, aesthetics and solidity, as required in surgeries and SPD (CSSD’s) in hospitals while always conforming to the strictest safety guidelines.

The NanoPak is available in stainless steel, as well as the colours diamond black, white and original orange. The colour ‘original orange’ dates back to the colour of the first Hawo sealing devices issued in the first years after the company was founded. Excellent transparency

AppCtrl – Touch Screen
NanoPak is hawo’s most powerful heat sealer. Below the lid is a high-end processor to ensure that NanoPak can deliver top results over a long time period. A 4,3 inch touch screen and the Linux operating system together with the AppCtrl user applications, which allow you to call up instrument and programming functions, make operation and validation child’s play.

DocLink – Communication
Due to the innovative DocLink communication module NanoPak can easily be linked to batch documentation systems. DocLink has USB A/B and RS 232 interfaces. An additional Ethernet interface makes NanoPak network-compatible.

DataMatic – USB Data Transfer
Thanks to DataMatic technology all data can be continuously recorded on a standard USB stick.

SizeMatic – Determining Bag Length
NanoPak is the first rotary sealing device with SizeMatic function. Sterilisation bags that are too long or too short are a thing of the past because the optional scanner and the SizeMatic scale allows you to upload the length of a device. The optimum length of the bag is then automatically calculated and shown on-screen. All normative-relevant safety margins are considered and included in the calculation.

IntelligentScan – Programming
NanoPak can be operated as usual with a scanner. Entering data is now even more convenient and more secure. With Hawo IntelligentScan technology you can enter all the relevant device configurations, such as packaging materials, print and personnel data, as well as the print sequences beforehand, via the PC software. Hawo IntelligentScan

FontMatic – Printer
NanoPak‘s new printer is capable of not only printing the required text information, but it can also print bar codes. Make your selection via the print application. The FontMatic technology automatically adjusts the font size to match the width of the packaging. hm 950 DC-VI Version comes with an additional new printing unit, which is able to print international language characters (e.g. Chinese) and logos.

SealPeak – Seal Strength
The tried and trusted Hawo SealPeak technology for the sealing seam. Hawo SealPeak sealing seams are 12 mm (0,5 inch) wide, flat seams with a so called barrier of extremely high solidity at their centre, the SealPeak. The seal strength increases steadily from the edges towards the SealPeak. The advantage of these soft edges is that the instruments cannot break through the edges, but gently pierce them and are then caught by the SealPeak at the centre. Furthermore SealPeak sealing seams have outstanding peel properties and do not fray, even if the peel direction is disregarded by the user. Obviously NanoPak is suitable for the sealing of all known, sealable, pre-fabricated sterile barrier systems, uncoated Tyvek, as well as polyolefin packaging.

ValiUp – Validation
NanoPak has been fitted with the new system-integrated function to determine the optimum sealing temperature during process validation (ValiUp). This innovative tool complies exactly with the pre-set process of the international Guidance on the application of ISO 11607-1 and ISO 11607-2 (CEN ISO/TS 16775).