Pak Pack works with film & laminate converters for the Medical industry.

The mission is to offer films that meet the increasing demands for high performance and cost savings for our customers.

From specialized high-performance films to economical, Pak Pack can help on a complete line of flexible forming films adapted to their partner web as direct seal paper, Coated paper, Tyvek® and others.

Also Pak Pack and his partners can offer you all the range of laminate materials. Laminates (printed or unprinted) especially for pharmaceutical applications, such as non-transparent laminates with aluminium as the barrier layer, non-transparent laminates with a metallized film (PET or OPP) as a barrier layer or transparent laminates with or without barrier layers and much more.

The right medical package is a function to several aspects such as safety, reliability, packaging process, the desired sterilization method, transit test, hygiene and shelf life.

Pak Pack and its partners are here to create the optimum package for the Device and also for your production process.

Pak Pack helps you to find:

  • Your films or laminate following your specification
  • An optimised solution as far as is it still possible
  • Efficient suppliers