Poly Clean is the “clean” and “ultra clean” activity from Polyma in the fields of polyethylene extrusion, flexographic printing, and finishing pouches, tubes and bags “controlled” environment (Bioburden and particle).

Poly Clean has developed a complete range of Polyethylene bags for their customers working in controlled atmosphere area, having clean and ultra clean activities, and with special requirements in terms of internal or external cleanliness / pre contamination.

EXTRUSION PE Tube Ultra Clean: Process ExtruClean™

  • Quality 100% virgin and pharmacopeia USP / EP in accordance with paragraphs 3.01.03 and 3.01.04
  • Some machines produce in ISO Class 8 according to ISO 146441 and are equipped with surface treatment for cleaning
  • Confectioning medical bags: Clean room ISO 7
  • The satisfaction of our customers
  •  Quality
  • Service
  • Reactivity
  • Compliance of our commitments
  • Compliance of customer’s requirements