VPM 300


The machine VPM 300 produces peelable packs with one medical sterilization rolls on paper/film, Tyvek®/ film, or other complexes as foil /foil … 

The material feeding station and the pre-cutting station allowing the introduction of the product, as well as that of the welding / cross-section are controlled by three servomotors.

The touch screen panel insures the control and adjusts all machine parameters and memorizes them in recipes.

The machine allows the packaging of one or more products in the same pack according to the filling rate of the operator, and the production of empty pouches also.

This packing machine also exists in sealing version for film allowing the use of PE rolls for example.

Size: L 1,30 x W 0,70  x H 1,30 m

Weight:  250 kg

Pressure: 6 bars

Power: 220 Volt mono 50 Hz 2 kW.

Options: Output conveyor belt, cutting hole, batch counter, printer, labelling device, length sealing station for using two webs of material instead of tubular reels.

Other options:On demand.

Dimensions of the packs:

  • Length from 60 to 600 mm
  • Width from 50 to 300 mm
  • Height (thickness) of products up to 30 mm standard (or 80 mm optional)


Sealing Shape:Straight or chevron

Production rate:Up to 1200 packs per hour